Your photos are exquisite
Lori Bourque(non-registered)
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to stay for the whole show and capture all the riders and horses doing what they love....great appreciated.....
pj frazier(non-registered)
thanks for all the great flicks over the years.
Laurie, Thank you so much for the kind words!! I will be at some of the events in Yadkinville for sure, I try to get around to as many places as I can so I'll keep an eye on the schedule & hopefully will see you all in the near future.
and Thank you again, It's wonderful to hear positive feedback and get an idea about what people like to see :)
Laurie Marshall (Tristen Marshall's mom)(non-registered)
Your pictures are great!!! The prices' are also very reasonable compared to what i have seen. I also like the way you take more than just one or two pictures of the riders. I counted nine you took of tristen one night and i loved them all. I wish you could take more of the riders just standing around chatting. I love those pictures. Now that Ling is over, where will you be? Will you be taking any at jrsra's in Yadkinville or Love Valley? Any way keep up the good work and thanks for all the great pictures!!!
Rose Cushing(non-registered)
Your photos are exquisite!
Thank you SO much! I'm very glad you were happy with the photos!!
Michele Piner, Chance's mom(non-registered)
Just got our photos in the mail and they were wonderful! Everyone who saw them thought the quality and shot was top of the line. Look forward to purchasing alot of picture from you over the years.
Where is this practice pen? Also, when do they ride at Hang'n Tree?
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